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parfum diffèrent de l'original BOSS

je trouve que le parfum n'a pas la même odeur que le vrai BOSS et il ne tient pas très longtemps dans le temps. Dommage


Tardo en llegarme el pedido, pero a merecido la pena....
Se parece mucho a la original, es practicamente igual y aguanta bastante tiempo el olor

BV 208 - Similar to Body Kouros
Silvia Flores Fernandez

Tal cual el perfume 😊

BV 127 - Similar to Opium
Michele Belaatel
BV127 - Opium -YSL

Unfortunately, with this perfume I am a little disappointed. You can smell the similarity to Opium, one of my favorite perfume, but it smells very much like strong soap on me...

BV105 J'adore - DIOR

What can I say apart from "J'adore"
I have not smelled the original for a long time so I cannot say if it is similar but
I really like the perfume itself.

BV504 - similar to Very Good Girl

I love it, it is similar although we are missing the fruity note that the original perfume has when you first spray it.
It is a very nice perfume that last quite long.

BV194 - Similar to Mon Paris

Lovely perfume, the smell is closed to the original, but honestly even if it did not
I would still like it.

Long-Lasting and Affordable

BV 243 is a perfume for men that has quickly become a best-seller at BV Perfumes. As someone who has tried both BV 243 and the popular fragrance Sauvage by Dior, I can confidently say that BV 243 is a very close match to Sauvage in terms of scent. It has a similar dry, spicy, and modern aroma that is both alluring and long-lasting.

One of the things that I appreciate about BV 243 is its ability to hold its fragrance for an extended period of time. I've worn it throughout the day and have noticed that the scent remains strong and noticeable even after several hours. This is a feature that is often lacking in other fragrances, so it's a nice bonus to have.

Another thing that I like about BV 243 is its price. It is significantly cheaper than Sauvage and offers excellent value for the cost. If you're someone who enjoys Sauvage but is looking for a more budget-friendly option, BV 243 is definitely worth considering.

In summary, BV 243 is a very nice fragrance that is a great alternative to Sauvage. It has a similar scent, lasts for a long time, and is a good value for the price. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Sauvage or is looking for a new fragrance to try.

Sent très similaire

Sent très similaire il faudra voir combien ça dure. Le design du flacon est sympa mais le cordon est un peu gros à mon avis. Il manque les instruction (même si simples) dans la boîte. Il serait bien de proposer un facon plus grand pour remplir les petits flacons.

Sent très similaire

Sent très similaire il faudra voir combien ça dure.
Le design du flacon est sympa mais le cordon est un peu gros à mon avis.
Il manque les instruction (même si simples) dans la boîte.

Sehr gut getroffen!

Erfüllt die drei wichtigsten Themen dieses Duftes. Der Duft behält seinen Charakter. Bin positiv überrascht. Nicht eindimensional oder linear. Komplex, stimmig, harmonisch, interessant und wohlriechend. Entfaltet sich sehr gut auf die haut. Die Kopfnoten haben eine gute Einleitung ins Duftthema und die Herznoten eine geschickte Überleitung in die Basis. Wenn die Langlebigkeit für jemand nachlassen sollte...einfach mehr davon auftragen und das Problem ist gelöst. Für diesen Preis sollte es kein Thema sein. Danke :-) Gerne wieder.


Aucune différence avec l’original.

Never arrived

Sadly this never arrived I did contact and was told they would chase and keep my updated but it’s been over 5 weeks since ordering and 10 days since not hearing any more. I orders 3 perfumes so not cheap - will be requesting money back from PayPal. It is not clear this is made/ships from Greece and not UK. Shame when I did contact they got back quickly so I had high hopes but nothing since.

BV 127 - Similar to Opium
Muriel Caillaud

J’adore, je le recommande


Vraiment , je ne vois pas la différence entre l’original et celui ci! Bravo

Bv perfumes

Spot on! Smells exactly the same


Have not smelled the real wanted by night but i think its really similar, Really sweet and great for the color seasons. However, you might want to sample this anyway because of the sweetness.

Really nice

First time purchase really like the smell, long lasting as well which I have found with most of the perfumes I have bought from bv. Well packaged, came in good time as well

Lovely 😍

I absolutely love this perfume, this is my second bottle.
Really well packaged and a good delivery time. Brilliant 👏

Very nice but not like poison. Hence four stars and not five.

I reordered this after receiving some as a gift. The fact I reordered indicates I do like it. My partner also likes it very much but it definitely does not smell anything like Poison. I can say this categorically because I have an bottle of original Dior Poison to do a comparison with.
The perfume is a pretty good quality and I would buy it again.

Très satisfaite, similaire àl'original


very good compliments

Not happy

Doesn’t smell anything like the original or anything close to it. I’ve wasted my money. Hugely disappointed.

Super service

3rd time using store and best replicas ever and so reasonably priced-love them

BV 208 - Similar to Body Kouros
yolanda Macía Trincado
A final ha llegado

El aroma está muy logrado.